Anonymous asked: We also miss you at [REDACTED] multi-national mass media entertainment corporation. Hope your meetings are going well!

We miss you too, multi-national mass media entertainment corporation — you and people on required attendees lists all over the world.

We are in the discovery phase of preliminary meetings re: starting up this tumblr again, reaching out with partners to create synergy and optimize experiences, all while being cutting-edge and thinking outside the box.

…With the disclaimer that should things get cray again — the bad kind of cray, not the good kind — we will be forced to shut down immediately.

But with luck, we can soon be PowerPoints of light in each other’s hearts once again.

Anonymous asked: When are you coming back? We're really missing the challenge here at the internet's largest search engine.

Internet’s largest search engine, we miss you too. (We see you every day, of course, but rest assured that we miss you.) Unfortunately, circumstances arose that made us concerned that continuing the Challenge might be irresponsible. And not the good kind of irresponsible.

Should that change, we will return.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Meeting Challenge for Tuesday, July 31

Beginner: “We’ve got to go against the grain, not turn into a frog just because that’s the other tadpoles’ business model. Why not a badger?”

Advanced: “If we’re going to advertise, let’s not be coy about it. Let’s blow our necks out and really make some noise.”

Bonus: “To hell with waiting around for a princess. Let’s pile on the Chap-stick and kiss 75 girls from the scullery.”

Meeting Challenge for Monday, July 30

Beginner: “We can go a little fancier with it, but let’s make sure it’s only at a rhythmic gymnastics level, not full-blown horse dressage.”

Advanced: “We need to accept the basic parameters here. We’re not going to break any power lifting records without a little grunting.”

Bonus: “Let’s think outside the box. Why can’t we give our goalie some giant bat wings and a chest cannon?”

Meeting Challenge for Thursday, July 26

Beginner: “If somebody moved our cheese, then, yeah, we should go out looking for different cheese. And then we should bring back a hunk of that new cheese and put it in the old spot with a bunch of habanero sauce on it.”

Advanced: “‘Good-to-Great’ is a low bar. We should be aiming for ‘Great-to-Is-That-Legal?’”

Bonus: You know how the Smurfs used the word “smurf?” We should be doing that with the word “excellence.”

Meeting Challenge for Wednesday, July 25

Beginner: “If we’re going to leave our porridge out on the table like this, let’s not be surprised if it’s gone when we get back.”

Advanced: “Let’s confront this issue head-on. It’s the only way to catch a salmon with your face.”

Bonus: “There’s got to be more we can do in these woods.”

Meeting Challenge for Tuesday, July 24

Beginner: “It might be more elegant to streamline instead of adding more features. Like how BMWs don’t come with turn signals.”

Advanced: “Let’s be careful with how we combine these elements. We want to end up with a hybrid, not an El Camino.”

Bonus: “This is all going to hinge on confidence and attitude. So let’s pop a spoiler on this Gremlin and head to Vegas.”

Meeting Challenge for Monday, July 23

Beginner: “It’s time to break this paradigm. If everyone else is saying ‘Goodnight, Moon,’ we should be greeting it at mid-morning.”

Advanced: “Why just pat the bunny when we can lock down international stroking rights?”

Bonus: “We need more passion! A very hungry caterpillar is nowhere near hungry enough!”

Meeting Challenge for Friday, July 20

Beginner: “I don’t care how busy a beaver is if it won’t try making a balcony.”

Advanced: “A full-grown rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. We need to be nimble and squishy.”

Bonus: “Why just pull a rabbit out of a hat if we can get a capybara?”

Meeting Challenge for Thursday, July 19

Beginner: “I’d like the spirit of our R&D process to be a little more Bunsen Honeydew and a lot less Beaker.”

Advanced: “We’ve been revving this motorcycle too long. Let’s grab some chickens and hit the ramp.”

Bonus: “We should be careful about going ugly. You start throwing dead fish around, they might start boomeranging back.”